Friday, January 4, 2008

Yesha Rabbis Call For Temple Mount Prayers

Yesha Rabbis Call For Temple Mount Prayers

26 Tevet 5768, 04 January 08 10:01


( The Yesha Rabbis Council has announced a series of protests to coincide with the visit of US President George W. Bush to Israel from January 9-11.

The Council called on Jews to visit the Temple Mount on Tuesday morning, January 8, and to "pray for the cancellation of evil plans." Earlier this week, Minister for Internal Security Avi Dichter issued a ban on Jewish prayer at the site, calling it a "provocation" and saying individual prayers would "almost certainly lead to bloodshed."

Jewish groups have long been forbidden from conducting "inflammatory" public prayer services on the Temple Mount, but individual prayers have been permitted. © Copyright

Let me get this straight: Praying to G-D is a “Provocation” and “Almost certainly lead to bloodshed”

And we are expected to have these people as PEACE partners.

Get real PM Olmert, President Bush, Sec State Rice.

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