Monday, January 7, 2008

Soldier To Be Judged For Visiting Bethlehem Mechanic

Soldier To Be Judged For Visiting Bethlehem Mechanic

29 Tevet 5768, 07 January 08 12:09


( An off-duty Golani Brigade soldier and his friend were removed from the Arab-occupied city of Beit Lechem (Bethlehem) by PLO officers after the two brought their car to be fixed at a local garage.

The two armed Jews were unharmed, but army officials criticized their entrance to the town as stupid, saying they could have been kidnapped. The soldier was questioned by Military Police, and is expected to receive a severe judgment. His friend, a 16 year-old, will likely be indicted for entering PLO-controlled areas.

Several days ago, an off-duty Nahal Brigade soldier entered Beit Lechem with two people who wanted to see Christmas trees. He was sentenced by a military court to 28 days in prison. © Copyright

So let me understand, Bethlehem, where our Mother Rachel is enshrined in a guarded bunker. Where our Mother Rachel was buried in a plot of land that our Father Ya’akov purchased, long before Islam, the religion of PEACE was founded, is ‘off-limits’ to Jews. ‘Off-Limits’; to the degree that it is considered a criminal offense.

The off-duty Golani Brigade soldier and a friend brought their automobile to a mechanic, while I personally encourage the use of Jewish Labor, I can see how this is a punishable office, hiring a mechanic to work on one’s car.

I remember that back in the States, auto mechanics where often called: Highway Robbers. This for taking advantage of stranded motorists.

What gets me is why the IDF feels that two unarmed Jews in Bethlehem is stupid. Our PM Ehud Olmert has said that we are on good enough terms with our Arab neighbors to release ANOTHER 400 CONVICTED Terrorists.

To the Nahal Brigade soldier, sentenced by a Military Court to 28 days in prison for escorting two people into Bethlehem who wanted to see Christmas Trees, I have but one question: what made you think that there were any Christmas Trees in Bethlehem?

Since the Israeli government pulled out of Bethlehem, there has been a mass flight of Christians from Bethlehem due to the rise of Islamoterrorism in Bethlehem.

Again, it is interesting to see that this non-violent search for Trees has resulted in punishment of a Jew.

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