Saturday, January 5, 2008

Report: Barak Cracks Down on Teenaged Activists

The following article appeared on Arutz 7.

Report: Barak Cracks Down on Teenaged Activists

23 Tevet 5768, 01 January 08 09:40


( According to Haaretz, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has lead a campaign to harshly punish young activists who attempt to build new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Barak has urged police to file complaints against the young activists. While police initially argued that the activists’ “offense” did not warrant an indictment, policy has changed and approximately 20 indictments have been filed against activists over the past two months.

Barak has reportedly demanded weekly updates on the steps being taken against the young nationalists. He has called for “serial offenders” to be sentenced to time in prison. © Copyright

What it doesn’t say is that there are currently 8 high school girls, 14 years old who are currently sitting in Prison. Their alleged crime? Striving to be attached to the Land that G-G gave their Grandfather Avraham as an inheritance.

Unlike the policy makers in the government, these young women have a moral compass. They are refusing to provide the ‘authorities’ with their names. They say that they do not recognize the jurisdiction of the anti-Jewish governmental court system. They will recognize a Rabbinical Court. A Court, where the system of judification is based upon the ultimate Truth of the Torah that G-D gave him people.

DM Barak, please oh please start acting like the Ben Melech – Son of the King, which is your inner core. Please stop acting as an enforcer of some alien entity’s misguided policies. Please start reading the Bible with your mind on connecting to your heritage.

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

HaRav Wolpo is absolutely right. Olmert and his cohorts ought to be brought before a court of law, stripped from all immunity. A decent, not corrupted court would order them hang!
Now this is done to teenage girls, tomorrow we'll all be cannon fodder, unless Olmert is ousted and the system truly changes.