Friday, January 4, 2008

Is Abbas really a Peace Partner ??

This following email message was sent to the following addressees:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear President Bush and Other Spheres of Influence,

I am a US citizen, currently residing in Shiloh in Samaria in the Biblical Heartland of the Land that G-D gave to my Father Abraham as an inheritance from among the nations. Throughout the Old Testament Bible there is reference to this Land that my forefathers walked. From Shchem (Nablas), Shiloh, Beit El, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron to Beer Sheva, this was and is called the Patriarch's Highway. It is this claim to this Land that I rely upon for the continuing right to live on this land.

I have attached a PDF file which lays out for you the case that Abbas and Fatah are not interested in peace. It lays down the facts to show that the only peace that they are interested in will be the one that comes when they have succeeded in pushing ME, a US citizen, and all of my fellow Jews into the Mediterranean Sea.

Abbas' brothers in Gaza, those murderers in Hamas have proven their goodwill intentions by aiming Katuscha Missiles at innocent residents of Ashkelon. This in addition to over 6,400 terror attempts at murdering innocent men, women and children in the city of Sderot over the past 7 years.

President Bush, there has not been a look in the direction of what was supposed to be required of the Arab partners in the Road Maps towards peace.

President Bush, PLEASE, I implore you as a US citizen AND a resident of Shiloh, cancel your trip. Stay home. Read the Bible. Check out the Books of Samuel, in which the connection of Shiloh to the life of Samuel the Prophet can clearly be seen.
Hillel Levin
Shiloh, home of G-d’s Tabernacle for 369 yrs.

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