Friday, January 4, 2008

Arabs Attack Car Near Hevron

Arabs Attack Car Near Hevron

26 Tevet 5768, 04 January 08 03:15


( An Israeli car was stoned by local Arabs north of Hevron Friday. No injuries were reported, but the car was damaged. © Copyright

Ever wonder how a car acquires a nationality? Since most cars in Israel are Japanese imports, it must have spent a lot of time in line at the Misrad HaPanim –Interior Ministry applying for a Teudah Zehoot – Identity Card. I am really curious as to how it ended up in the proper line.

Seems to me that a proper presentation of the news would be:

During an attempt to murder Jews, Arabs Attack Car Near Hevron

‘Friday, during another attempt at murder by local Arabs north of Hevron, a car, containing Jewish residents was stoned. Thank G-D, no injuries were reported. The former Japanese car was damaged.’

Maybe, if the news was reported with a focus on the intended victims, not their tangible property, the deadly significance of the attempted murder might actually have an impact on the situation.

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