Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aliyah To Shiloh Page 2

So, having said this, what do I propose that we as Jews, both here in Eretz Yisroel and outside on Eretz Yisroel need to do?

First, I think that it is important to recognize that whether you live in Sderot, Yerushalyim, Shiloh, Chevron, Tel Aviv or Haifa in Eretz Yisroel, or New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Paris, Buenos Aries or Moscow outside of Eretz Yisroel, EVERY Jew is under siege.

In Sderot they have Hama’s missiles. In Yerushalyim they have security guards at all the bus stops to deter bus bombings. In Shiloh, my 235 neighbor families have suffered more terror murdered family members, then the 10,000 families in Sderot. In Chevron they have the courts and the Arabs. In Tel Aviv they have the Shmootz from the Goyish world. In Haifa they have Hezbollah missiles.

In New York they have a Subway Attack on Jews. In LA a plot to bomb Jewish institutions. Seattle experienced a gunman loose in the JCC, shooting seven women employees, including a 17 week pregnant mother, one fatally. Paris, beating of youths wearing kipot. Buenos Aries embassy bombings. Moscow, anti-Semitic acts.

Second, we need to recognize that everything comes from HaShem. Ever wonder why there is this increase in Anti-Semitism? Could be that the Goyim are just doing their G-D given role: Reminding Jews that they need to act like Jews and not try to assimilate into foreign cultures. Interesting to think about when we read the increasing number of Anti-Semitic acts reported in the Israeli news.

Third, we need to act as Jews. We need to work on ourselves and focus on the learning of Torah and the fulfilling of Mitzvoth.

Fourth, the Jews Chutz L’Aretz need to move back home. Come to the Land that G-D has given to the sons of Abraham as a gift.

Fifth, the Jews of Eretz Yisroel need to walk Daled Amot in The Land that G-D has given us.

I am sure that there are more steps, but these first five will get Klal Yisroel living in the right direction.

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